Sales guru

  • time12-15h
  • locationTilburg

You’re somebody that loves the smell of freshly printed money. Somebody who can sell anything to anybody. A connector, somebody that’s used to cold calling & finding new sponsors. You will be taking care of maintaining relationships with partners, and attracting new sponsors and clients.


  • Attracting new sponsors
  • Maintaining current relationships with partners


  • You know how to sell

The position requires between 12 and 15 hours a week. That said, everything is possible, if you really want to contribute, but want to put in more or less hours, we can see what we can do. We have our office in Tilburg, where you will be working from. The job is a part-time board year, which means that we're all working on a voluntary basis. If you're a student of Tilburg University, you could be eligble for a board year grant.

How to apply?

Send an email to with your motivation letter and your resume or link to your LinkedIn profile.


You can always send an email, contact us via our socials or pop by our office.

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