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Filosofest: Wheel of time
Wheel of time
  • dateJanuary 24, 2020
  • time20:00
  • locationTilburg
  • price€ 5

In a time (pun intended) where "I'm busy" is a better answer than "I'm doing good" to the question "how are you?", time is becoming increasingly important. Yet, all time is not the same: an hour of meditation can seem neverending, but binge-watching an entire season on Netflix can seem like 5 minutes. Everybody wants to have more time. But, how often do you stop and think about what time actually is?


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Filosofest: Filosofest: ABS - Anxiety, Burnout and Stress
Filosofest: ABS - Anxiety, Burnout and Stress
  • dateDecember 14, 2019
  • time20:00
  • locationTilburg
  • priceInternational Center Tilburg

Always on the move when we are students or when we work. And sometimes that gets too much and your little fire burns out. Let's talk about it together about how we feel stress and see it coming, but also how to cope with it. Avoid anxiety and burnouts and let's have a wonderful evening together!

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Filosofest: Filosofest and Sapi
Filosofest and Sapi
  • dateNovember 20, 2019
  • time20:00
  • locationTilburg
  • priceKunstmaan

Get ready! For this special occasion, Filosofest will be working together with Sapi, the philosophy student association. What does this mean? For this event you will not only enjoy deep and meaningful conversations, but you will also get the chance to listen to our guest speaker, Dr. Catherine M. Robb.

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