In an era where everything is “connected”, we often forget to think of the quality of those “connections”. We want to stimulate true connections by creating spaces where meaningful conversations are inevitable. It is our mission to empower people to inspire others, share ideas, make new friends and help them find meaning in their lives.


We’re a young organization, with an entrepreneurial mindset. We are ambitious, set high goals and strive for the best. We value hard work, but we know that not everything goes as planned - it usually is the opposite. We tend to fuck up a lot, but we love that. We value failure as much as success.

At Filosofest, you will have a lot of autonomy. That gives you freedom and space to discover the best way of working for you, but it will make difficult situations even more challenging - but that’s awesome. And why are these challenging situations so awesome? Because in this way, you learn very fast. And that’s why value most. Learning new shit. We’re all young entrepreneurs; we might think we have all the answers - but we definitely don’t. We’re very transparent in our communication and giving feedback is a continuous process. Besides that, a part of our time & budget is spent on learning; attending workshops, following online courses, and reading books is a priority at Filosofest.

Working in a starting organization can be challenging, but it is very exciting at the same time. Working at Filosofest means waking up each morning not knowing what the day will bring you. The event industry is a special industry to be in. It can be very stressful in periods before the event, but it’s an amazing feeling when the event is finished. It has become a routine that we have some drinks and a few laughs after our events.

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