What is Filosofest?

Trying to meet new people can be difficult, full of small talk and boring outcomes. You only learn people’s names, where they work, and whether they like dogs or cats.

In Filosofest, we scrape all that, we create an opportunity for people to meet where you can know a person’s vision of the world, their values, and their opinions, all before you even know their names. We are not a formal networking event, nor are we a festival or a party; we are the exact line in between.

Filosofest is not a lecture about a certain topic... it is a laid back talk, a chat, a discussion... whatever you want it to be. The idea is to keep a comfortable set up where you can talk, this is why in our events we create small divisions of people so that the conversation becomes more effective. And also, our team of facilitators will join you through the conversation!

During our events you will find people from all kinds of different countries and age. With this diversity it is very easy to find someone with a vision that is completely different from yours... as well as someone who is very similar to you. Hearing stories from people all over the world will make you broaden your understanding of the world, while simultaneous realising that we're not so different after all.

At Filosofest, you can meet like-minded people through meaningful conversations.


In an era where everything is “connected”, we often forget to think of the quality of those “connections”. We want to stimulate true connections by creating spaces where meaningful conversations are inevitable. It is our mission to empower people to inspire others, share ideas, make new friends and help them find meaning in their lives.