• dateJune 26, 2019
  • time20:00
  • locationFoodbar de Paradijsvogel
  • price€ 0

Filosofest is a place where YOU can have deep and meaningful conversations, sharing your perspective on the world and learning people's values and vision before even knowing their names.

In Filosofest, we give you the chance to meet people and enjoy conversations that could go anywhere...the future of humanity... the world inside our minds... the development of AI... We have all kinds of topics for you.

For us, philosophy is wondering WHY things happen the way they do, and why everything works as it does... when we are meeting someone new we like to have small talk, but wouldn’t you like to go deeper, feeling like you really know someone?

During Filosofest we will talk about philosophy in a new way. Everything will be guided so we'll make sure you can enlighten us with your perspective. Don't be afraid of not knowing about philosophy, there are topics for everyone! (If there is still no topic for you, Niels will get you a drink).


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